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Phil J.

Woodstock, GA

"It is 2018 and the world continues to change in front of my face. I remember drinking water out of the hose attached to the side of the house after running three blocks with my male school mates. I played outside until dark and my Mother yelled out the front screen porch door that was not locked and I knew dinner was on the table. I grew up in a small town and we talked about sports, went to Sunday School and participated in the youth chorus on Sunday night. We watched Disney and Bonanza as a family.

I remember getting my first bike not my first used car because I learned more about life while riding 5 miles to school because busing was not around. One of the most important things I connected to in my teen years was that we were poor and love kept us together as a family. I had to work 48 to 56 hours a week to pay my own way through college - And I did.

Working in an office for more than 40 years, I have learned by the grace of God that we all put our pants on the way whether you are the janitor or the president. We all should have to work hard to be successful - some folks just have a bigger title but not a heart. I have come to a point (over 10 years ago) that I want to measure my net worth in friends not American dollars.

All of my experiences have been priceless. I have been to over 35 countries and 47 of our United States. I have hosted customers at Super Bowls, National Championships in football, Final Four, World Series, the Stanley Cup, NBA Championships, Olympics, Ryder Cups and it goes on and on.

What does all of the mean - well, today I experienced something that our culture had lost. Good old customer service and plus an honest company in Atlanta! For more than two months I have looking for a plumbing company to replace two hot water heaters in my home. I received in the mail Atlanta's Choice Savings Winter 2018 flyer last week. My wife and I had 4 estimates before the booklet and we just didn't feel right. The booklet had two more plumbing companies and I decided to call both of them. By the grace of God, I called and talked with Mr. Arthur Donahue in Woodstock. He has been in business based on our conversation for over 50 years.

He taught me more in 15 minutes than all of the customer representatives or service representatives coming to our home with all the other companies. He knows Hot Water Heaters - PERIOD! Today our appointment was between 1 and 5 pm. I received a call at 12:15 from one of his sons. They were on the way to our home and should be there by 12:45 pm.

I rushed home and they arrived at 12:44 pm. John and Brandon Donahue greeted me with "Mr. Jones!" And the rest is history - their work quality is second to none......They completed the job in 3 hours, cleaned up everywhere, reviewed their work, explained how to flush the hot water heater annually, showed me how to light the new equipment and waited 15 minutes after all the work was completed to ensure that all of the new heaters were working properly. On top of all of being placed back into time because of the learnings from their father, their prices were the best by more than several hundred dollars to over a thousand dollars.

My advice is to look no further if you need any plumbing services - THEY ARE THE BEST AND SO HONEST. Thank you, Mr. Donahue for letting me relive today some of my past that I loved so much. This is not about me but about there are still some great companies that are good."